A warm welcome to my personal page!

I am a final-year PhD Candidate from the Crawford School of Public Policy of the Australian National University (ANU). I am also associated with the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis, the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Population Ageing Research, the Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions, and the Brookings Institution.

I have been specializing in integrated modeling of the socioeconomic impacts of complex challenges to humanity. For my PhD research, I have been evaluating the economic consequences of infectious diseases (such as COVID-19), climate change, and antimicrobial resistance.

My academic journey has been a dynamic fusion of economics, finance, management, and engineering. The diverse skill set I acquired from my education has driven me to conduct innovative analyses to capture how the interplay between natural and social systems contribute to those complex challenges and define their outcomes. I have also explored how these complex challenges could interact with each other. From my analyses, I have uncovered actionable insights to inform global policymaking, to improve industrial practices, and to drive positive change.

As I transition to the next phase of my professional journey, I look forward to new opportunities to channel my expertise and experience to make a lasting impact on the world. Whether contribution to groundbreaking research, collaborations for transformative projects, or engagements with organizations committed to positive change, I am eagerly looking forward to challenges and triumphs that lie ahead.

Thank you for visiting my page, and I invite you to explore my work, use them in your own if possible, and connect with me.

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