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I am a final-year PhD Candidate from the Crawford School of Public Policy of the Australian National University (ANU). I am also associated with the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis, the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Population Ageing Research, the Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions, and the Brookings Institution.

I have been specializing in integrated modeling of the socioeconomic impacts of complex challenges to humanity. For my PhD research, I have been evaluating the economic consequences of infectious diseases (such as COVID-19), climate change, and antimicrobial resistance.

My academic journey has equipped me with an understanding of economics, finance, management, and engineering. The diverse skill set from my education has driven me to conduct innovative analyses to explore the interplay between natural and social systems, how those interactions lead to different complex challenges, and to understand their outcomes. From my analyses, I have extracted insights to inform global policymaking, to improve industrial practices, and to drive positive change.

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